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毎朝会社の前にあるお茶の水公園の喫煙所で、出勤前の一服をしていますが、この季節が一番爽やかで気持ちがいいかもしれません。満開の桜を眺めながらの一服がとても清々しく、「今日も一日頑張るぞー!」という気分になって、会社に向かっていくのでした。[:en]Tomorrow is going to be April, the month when we welcome a new seaon and when cherry blossoms bloom. Trains started to get crowded with new graduates in new suits. Looking back, I was like that few decades ago.

I usually take a puff on my cigarett at the smoking area in Ochanomizu Park in front of our company before work. The good weather in this season gives me a fresh mind for getting started for the day.[:]