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さらに、「テレワーク東京ルール」実践企業宣言制度という、テレワーク戦略ビジョンを踏まえ、各企業が独自のルールを策定し宣言する制度の取り組みを行っており、j Careerも、それに該当するテレワーク実践企業として、企業登録の申請を行い、認定されました。
今後も多様な働き方やダイバーシティへの取り組みに注力して参りたいと思っております。[:en]Currently, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has established the “Telework Tokyo Rules” project. The aim is to help recognize and acknowledge the strategic and practical benefits of telework. Topics include, work style reform, business innovation, effective utilization of human resources, and crisis management.
Tokyo Telework Rules looks at each applicant company’s strategic vision and how telework is a part of that, as well as what practical measures, rules and checks they have put in place. j Career submitted an application for consideration and has been awarded certification![:]