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弊社のテレワーク戦略ビジョンが「第一回 TOKYO テレワークアワード」にて推進賞を受賞致しました







[:en]The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has been promoting the “Telework Tokyo Rules” campaign in efforts to spread and establish telework.
Among the companies that were recognized by “Telework Tokyo Rules”, our telework strategy vision was selected for the “Initiator Award” (推進賞) category at the TOKYO Telework Awards, which honors companies and organizations that are making advanced and model initiatives regarding telework.

Click below to see the TOKYO Telework Awards page on the Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs, Tokyo Metropolitan Government website:

Upon hearing the news of the outbreak of the new coronavirus at the end of 2019, we were proactive in making internal preparations for switching to telework, so we were ready when the first state of emergency was declared.
Since the end of March 2020, all of our employees have been working from home.

Not only has our teleworking system been effective as a measure against coronavirus and protecting the safety of our staff, but it has also enabled us to improve work efficiency, increase productivity, and realize an improved work-life balance and diverse work styles.
We have implemented various reforms while continuing our business and have been recognized at the TOKYO Telework Awards.

In line with the implementation of telework, we have been introducing new technology and software to facilitate the transition. We would like to express our gratitude to our business partners and candidates for their understanding and cooperation with the changes we made, without your support we would not have been able to effectively utilize telework.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support of j Career. We will continue to strive for a better working environment and further improvement of our services, and all of us will do our best to make as many people as possible happy through our business and international contribution activities.[:]