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We will never forget our gratitude.

“We will never forget our gratitude.”

This is the most important phrase deeply engraved in the hearts of the staff gathered at j Career and working at j Career.

With gratitude to those foreign nationals who have chosen Japan from among the many countries and regions around the world, and with the desire to support job seekers standing at the crossroads of life, j Career was born in April 2014.

From my own experience of working in multinational companies, I keenly feel the meaninglessness of questioning whether one is Japanese or foreign, male or female, young or senior in workplaces where maximizing performance is demanded. I deeply understand the essence and necessity of diversity, which has become a major trend globally.

Japan’s declining birth rate and decreasing labor force will continue to accelerate and worsen. Additionally, as the wage level of Japanese companies compared to overseas companies diminishes, there is a growing trend of talented Japanese professionals flowing overseas. In the midst of such significant changes in the talent market, not only will systemization and the introduction of AI become extremely important, but also diversity and inclusion (D&I) as mentioned earlier. Furthermore, as the market economy advances, the future of Japanese companies will continue to be positioned within relationships with overseas entities. Therefore, the need to secure ‘global talent,’ namely Japanese professionals with highly applicable skills and language abilities on a global scale, as well as highly skilled foreign nationals, is increasing. It is envisaged that these talents will eventually converge on a global basis.

At j Career, for bilingual Japanese professionals with high skills, we provide careful advice on choices that maximize their abilities, recognizing the advantages of workplaces irrespective of nationality, such as financial institutions, consulting firms, and major global companies. For foreign nationals with high skills, we conduct meticulous counseling to accurately grasp the areas they are lacking in to secure job offers at Japanese companies and provide tailored job support to each individual. Doing all of this completely voluntarily (free of charge) is our motto.

For our corporate clients, we not only introduce appropriate talent but also provide advice on incorporating diversity into their long-established corporate cultures. Additionally, we address the concept of ‘after-service,’ which recruitment agencies have not previously tackled, and contribute to the retention of new hires, for example.

For job seekers, we want to provide opportunities for them to maximize their abilities and become happy. For corporate clients, we want to provide them with talent that contributes to business development and assist them in promoting diversity. With this in mind, every day, we at j Career continue our efforts to expand the circle of job support.




President and CEO Biography

After working at the British investment bank James Capel (now HSBC), served as Director of Industry Research, Government Fund Management, and Executive Director of Sales Management at the Japanese subsidiary of the international financial conglomerate Credit Suisse. Later, worked as an advisor to major financial institutions both domestically and internationally at Deloitte, one of the world’s Big Four consulting firms. Established j Career in 2014, aiming to expand the field of activity for global talent, primarily in the financial and consulting industries and major corporations.


Company Name
Name of Company j Career Co.,Ltd.
Yebisu Garden Place Tower 18F
4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-6018
Date of Establishment
April 8, 2014
Chisato Takahashi, President and CEO
100 million Yen
Business Details
Charged Employment Placement Services
Operation of the Job Posting Website
Foreign Nationality Awareness Survey
Permits & Licenses
Charged Employment Placement Services
License Number: 13-ユ-306571
MUFG Bank, Kanda Branch
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In addition to our core business services focused on personnel recruitment, we also consider international exchange and contribution events conducted entirely on a voluntary basis as an important pillar. This initiative embodies the “gratitude” towards the foreign nationals who chose Japan as their base for work and life when we started our business, and it was started to support their lives in Japan.

International exchange events hold significance as a homecoming for individuals who found employment through our personnel recruitment services. These events not only facilitate the formation of new communities but also serve as opportunities to address potential concerns. While each initiative may seem small, our goal is for these circles to gradually expand.

Furthermore, we disseminate information about Japanese culture and language on Facebook.