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[:ja]実体験談をベースとした口コミを基に転職エージェントのランキングを作成している「転職のリアコミ」で、「外国人の転職サポートに強い人材紹介会」としてj Career(gooojob)が紹介されました。特に「サポート」「評判」の項目を高く評価して頂いております。




[:en]j-Career (gooojob) was acknowledged as an agency with strong support for foreigner candidates by ‘Career Change Review’, a site which ranks recruitment agencies based on reviews of real-life experiences. We ranked particularly high in the ‘support’ and ‘reputation’ criteria.

If you are interested, you can view the article by clicking the link below:

In order to help foreign nationals find employment in Japan, we not only provide job information, but also offer free support such as resume correction, interview practice, visa consultation, and assistance with visa procedures. We pride ourselves on our support services, and hope to assist many more candidates in the future. If you are thinking of changing jobs, please feel free to contact us! We look forward to hearing from you.[:]